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Artist in Heart, Athlete in Soul, Physicist developing his LoveNalle brand with Guitar and Love: currently in Dentistry and Loving to Combine Loves Passions Together with Rationalism, Yoga and Arts for Healing

My grandma said that I need to find purpose of life so

with background in Engineering such as Petroleum Engineering and RHR Safety of nuclear reactors. I am currently prototyping concept called YogaSkatebarding that I have used to educate people to more mindful healthier balance sports

that is fascinating because it combines my passions to yoga, dance, health, fitness, sport science and awesome way to socialise with people never done skateboarding or extreme sports -- not that extreme with proper instructions, vision and love -- let's learn in skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, research, arts, anything safely together like One Big Family curious to learn and experiment like Wild Horses and Babies <3


Henri Losoi


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