@MikeHoneychurch asked in chat what we should do with questions that have been tagged as [bugs] now that version 9 was released. Some of these bugs might be fixed in version 9. This post is to start a discussion for deciding this.


I propose that:

  • If the bug is still present, tag it with the affected versions (most likely and )

  • If the bug is fixed:

    • Tag it with only (possibly earlier if there's a special reason to do so)

    • Add a visible (bolded?) note in the question explaining that the bug was fixed in version 9. (I didn't propose adding an answer because many of these will already have accepted answers.) I think this information is going to be useful for people who might still be on earlier versions.

I went ahead and did this in this question: Issue with PathGraph

(A possible reason not to do this too quickly is to avoid the front page being spammed with edits.)

maybe post the notice in the answer instead of the question... not everyone reads the question thoroughly, but they're bound to read an accepted answer, especially if they're looking for a bugfix – R. M. Dec 3 '12 at 0:51
@rm-rf That makes sense. Wherever it's more clear/noticeable. – Szabolcs Dec 3 '12 at 0:57

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